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Product Description

Key Points

  • hydroglyceric infusions enriched by FOS
  • Any botanical selection
  • customized solutions

What is it?

SynerSHIELD™ line is constituted by soft processed infusions based on the synergic function of fresh and dry plants, stabilized by FOS protection.

What does it do?

SynerSHIELD™ line is composed of a wide range of tailor-made solutions, targeting specific applications in relation to selected active plant principles, and the corresponding traditional botanical use.

Biological target

SynerSHIELD™ concentrates are perfectly created for supplementation targeting seniors, babies, sportsmen and pregnant women.

Specific Technology

Without any pressure or high temperature, a very slow hydro-glyceric infusion is applied to selected plant parts, allowing to inhibit the oxidase and catalase enzymes, thus protecting native phytonutrients. FOS (Fructo-OligoSaccharides) addition as terminal phase of the production confers stability towards pH and temperature to the final concentrate.

Ingredient benefits

SynerSHIELD™ line is composed of natural infusions for nutraceutical and food applications. These ingredients preserve functional actives from the plants thanks to a very slow hydro-glyceric elution enhanced by the FOS-induced stability. FOS also mediates prebiotic and bifidogenic effects, by improving the growth of lactic acid bacteria at intestinal level, and restoring microflora balance.