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Product Description

What is it?

Signal-10 is a fast-track moisturizer, derived from a stable oligomer of hyaluronic acid, with an extremely low molecular weight, standardized at less than 10 kDa.

What does it do?

Signal-10 targets an efficient skin reactivation through a quick proliferation of skin cells, with an improvement of hydration, protein synthesis, elastin synthesis and modulation of key skin enzymes (collagenase and elastase).

Biological target

Dry and very dry skins are also often stretched and inelastic. As skin ages, the cycles of regeneration get deregulated, and lead to a thinner, more fragile epidermis.

Mechanism of action

Signal-10 reversibly binds to cell membrane CD44 receptors, inducing internal reactions activating proliferation and cell metabolism. Moreover, its small size demonstrates a clear advantage in quickly penetrating the skin and moisturizing it at a faster pace when
compared to any sodium hyaluronate, even for very low molecular weights.

Ingredient benefits

In vitro and in vivo data showed improved cell metabolism as well as a protection of skin key components. Penetration through superficial layers is improved and leads to a higher, quicker, better moisturization rate.