PrimAlma® Mais Morado

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Product Description

Key Points

  • purple corn, naturally rich in anthocyanins
  • from traditional peruvian medicine
  • suggested for heart health

What is it?

PrimAlma® Mais Morado is an active ingredients obtained by Purple Corn (ZeaMays).
This ingredient is rich in anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid that are responsible for blue, purple or red colors in fruits and vegetables.

What does it do?

PrimAlma® Mais Morado with its specials active components prevents from cardiovascular disease, by lowering blood glycemia, insulinemia and leptinemia, responsible for metabolic syndrome.
Furthermore, anthocyanins are strong antioxidants and inhibitors of inflammatory processes.

Biological target

PrimAlma® Mais Morado is suitable to reduce CVD risk by decreasing overall oxidative stress, by lowering blood pressure and glycemia and improving vasculoprotection and microcirculation.
It also decreases leptin, inducing a sense of satiety suitable for anti-obesity function.

Mechanism of action

PrimAlma® Mais Morado contains several anthocyanins of which cyanidin 3-O-β-D-glucoside is reported to fight against obesity by lowering leptin levels and inactivating PPARγ. It prevents from CVD by reducing hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia and high blood pressure.
It also exerts a stronger antioxidant activity (ORAC) than other anthocyanins.

Ingredient benefits

PrimAlma® Mais Morado, is natural polyphenols concentrates, especially anthocyanins, whose functional properties in CVD prevention and antioxidant functions have recently come to scientific community attention. The anthocyanin content is over 4 times than blueberries and has an ORAC Value twice than pomegranates.