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Product Description

What is it?

Pangenine® Lolium results from the solvent-free extraction of Lolium Perenne, harvested from pesticide-free controlled crops.
Pangenine® Lolium is a rich concentrate of nutritive compounds indispensable to develop a new life. It is particularly standardized in essential amino-acids and revitalizing efficacy.

What does it do?

On a daily basis, the natural building blocks of Pangenine® Lolium energize and protect against external aggressors such as pollution, oxidative agents or chronic inflammatory factors.

Biological target

Inflammaging is a constant process leading to a loss of skin tonicity, elasticity and firmness through little but continuous levels of inflammation and oxidation in reaction to external aggressions. This “background noise” accumulates and constitutes one of the major components of skin aging over time.

Mechanism of action

Pangenine® Lolium helps fighting against the consequences of inflammaging through two biological pathways: first, its rich pool of nutritive active principles reactivate dormant mitochondria and relaunch skin cells metabolism to help them diminish oxidation levels. Then, it inhibits the cytokines release, therefore diminishing the impact of chronic inflammation.

Ingredient benefits

In vivo results demonstrate skin benefits leading to a reduction of visible marks linked to day-to-day aging. Pangenine® Lolium also improves skin protection through the pool of its protective components.