NaturSYNTM PowerUp

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Product Description

Key Points

  • energizer and adaptogen
  • synergy of phytonutrients
  • prostate, urinary and infertility support

What is it?

NaturSYN™ PowerUp is a proprietary system constituted by a matrix of balanced and highly pure active principles, scientifically substantiated to support normal prostate function, healthy urinary flow and sexual performance. The peculiar composition provides essential nutrients such as vitamins, flavonoids, amino acids, glucosinolates, unsaturated fatty acids, oligo-elements, nucleic acids , polyalcohols and sterols.

What does it do?

NaturSYN™ PowerUp is a synergic association of natural active ingredients, reported to be effective in men health through a safe and multifunctional approach.

Biological target

NaturSYN™ PowerUp is especially designed to improve men health.
Thanks to its peculiar composition, NaturSYN™ PowerUp is suitable in case of scarce libido due to the lack of body tone or erectile dysfunction. It is suggested to optimize the performance, to improve the male infertility and to reduce the prostatic and UTI risk.

Mechanism of action

NaturSYN™ PowerUp is able to support men’s health by:

  • the inhibition of COX and LOX in the arachidonic acid cascade, thus reducing
    the inflammation and preventing intraprostatic tissue edema and fibrosis
  • the modulation of oxidative stress by activating the enzyme SOD
  • improvement of vasodilation through the increase of nitric oxide mediated-pathway, the key-trigger for erection
  • increase of testosterone levels by inhibiting the 5α-reductase enzyme

Ingredient benefits

NaturSYN™ PowerUp guarantees a pool of functional and nutritive actives, constituted by natural endogenous molecules which do not exert any sideeffect.
It represents a phytotherapy remedy for mild to moderate cases of prostatic inflammation or lack of body tone and performance. It provides an alternative solution against the use of prescription drugs or hormone therapies and against the occurence of surgical procedure at long term.

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