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Product Description

Key points

  • to help recover
  • modulation of inflammation
  • prevention from seasonal infections and allergies

What is it?

NaturSYNTM Defense is a concentrated hydrogel rich in revitalizing components (vitamins and minerals), tissues building blocks (essential amino-acids) and filmforming glucopolysaccharides.

What does it do?

NaturSYNTM Defense is a proactive ingredient thanks to:

  • nutritive effect: improved energy production & re-activation of cellular metabolism
  • modulation of inflammatory markers and cytokines cascade: improvement of body defense, recover from local / systemic inflammatory status
  • protective action against oxidative stress
  • lenitive & regenerative function on inflamed tussues and damaged mucosa

Biological target

NaturSYNTM Defense is designed to approach all status of decreased natural
body defense:

  • body defense: affected by seasonal infections, acute stress, antibiotics…
  • allergies: hypersensitive skin or oral mucosa, respiratory symptoms, contact
  • dermatitis
  • sun exposure: prevention and recovery from burning and erythema
  • inflamm’aging: chronic inflammation

Mechanism of action

NaturSYNTM Defense reveals the ability to modulate pro-inflammatory longdistance and local mediators (cytokines and arachidonic acid cascade), typically involved in immunity, inflammatory and allergic reactions.

Ingredient benefits

NaturSYNTM Defense helps keeping healthy by a triple effect:

  • modulation of immune response
  • control of inflammatory status
  • redox balance

In case of any stress, NaturSynTM Defense promotes the optimized physiologic performance, without leading to the typical side effect due to immunostimulating drugs.