TechnoHYAL HyaPearl

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Product Description

Key Points

  • Unique and innovative
  • Synergic activity and efficacy
  • Immediate perceivable effect

What is it?

HyaPearl® is composed by endogenous components naturally present in human skin: Hyaluronans and triglycerides. The physical form of these active is in form of pearls, hemisphere, with a medium melting point of about 50° C, that is perfect for the formulation of the color cosmetics.

What does it do?

The perfect synergy between the two key components leads to the both advantages of having a lipo-available sodium hyaluronate and an olive oil matrix able to sooth and nourish the skin, improving permeation. The result is a reinforced, protected and moisturized skin

Biological target

There is an increasing interest in the development of actives for color cosmetics applications. Several benefits, typically of white skin and body care, are now perceivable in color cosmetics. Hydration can now come from your daily make-up.

Mechanism of action

HyaPearl represents the cutting-edge matrix technology combining vegetable oils and HA. It is suitable for anhydrous cosmetic formulas combining the optimal skin penetration and the excellent skin feel (thanks to the olive matrix) with moisturizing (thanks to HA)

Ingredient benefits

HyaPearl gives the opportunity to easily use a water soluble HA into anhydrous formulations:

  • cutting-edge matrix technology combining Olive Grycerides and HA
  • suitable for anhydrous cosmetic formulas