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Product Description

Key points

  • top quality hyaluronans
  • beauty from within
  • aid for joints care

What is it?

ExceptionHYAL® line is our top-quality sodium hyaluronate of 2nd generation, developed by biofermentation for food applications, available in different molecular weight ranges according to functionality and physico-chemical properties.

What does it do?

ExceptionHYAL® has different absorption rate at gastric and intestinal level depending on the molecular weight. Also its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and stability performances are influenced by the polymeric chain length.

It is suggested for skin moisturization and antioxidant protection, but it also acts like a shock absorber by lubricating & plumping tissues, helping cushion effect and reducing inflammation.
It improves regeneration of endogenous synovial fluid and promotes healing and film-forming effect for local applications. Finally it can be used as a carrier for other functional ingredients.